Sub Contractor Terms of agreement.

(please make sure that you read all of the following information)

Please take the time to read and acknowledge the following statements. Throughout this document – YOU the worker will be referred to as ‘the sub-contractor’ and Virtus Access Solutions Ltd will be referred to as ‘the contractor’.

You, the sub-contractor are expected to know the following essential scaffolding basics;

• How to correctly carry scaffold materials
• How to correctly stack, store and stand up materials
• How to correctly tie off materials using a rope and ginny wheel
• How to correctly load and unload scaffolding vehicles
• How to correctly wear any safety equipment
• How to correctly use any safety equipment

If you, the sub-contractor cannot truthfully answer yes to all of the above, then you MUST notify a member of the management of the contractor or our client, so help can be given.

The sub-contractor is expected to ask questions and ask for assistance should they need it, to ensure that the work goes smoothly and without accident or incident. The sub-contractor is also encouraged to raise concerns, should there be a possible safety issue.

Non-handed over scaffolds should be ‘made safe’ at the end of each shift/working day/or if you the sub-contractor are moving to another part of the scaffold, location or project. This includes exposed boards being tied down and tubes tied off.

The sub-contractor is expected to come to work, NOT under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

The sub-contractor is expected to respect others, irrespective of their sex, skin colour, race, nationality, religious beliefs, sexual preferences, etc.

The sub-contractor is expected to work in a professional manner – excessive, shouting, swearing, verbal abuse and an unhealthy attitude towards teamwork, will not to be tolerated by the contractor and will result in the sub-contractor being asked to leave the project.

The Sub-Contractor is expected to come to work each day with their standard work tools and the following PPE at a minimum, which unless they are supplied at a cost by the Contractor, should supply their-selves;

• Hard Hat
• Steel Toe Boots
• Hi–Vis Vest
• Gloves

Glasses and/or masks possibly needed for other tasks, such as cutting tube or drilling ties etc. And of course, Harnesses worn whenever climbing onto the scaffold to work.

The sub-contractor is expected to wear all of the above PPE at all times. Shorts are pretty much banned on all sites now, and unless told otherwise, trousers would be expected to be worn whilst at work.

(please make sure that you read all of the following information)

The sub-contractor is expected to make use of WhatsApp to communicate with Virtus Access management.

iOS / iPhone –
Android –

Its free and easy to use.

Use it to communicate with us; the contractor, once we add you to the relevant WhatsApp group.

In these groups each day a member of the contractor’s management team will ask you all as a group if you in and either at work, or on your way.

You will need to confirm this, in whichever Virtus WhatsApp group you are added to.

Same goes for being late or going home early – It’s simple basic human manners and you have a duty of professional responsibility to us, the contractor, to notify us of any situations that may cause either lateness or absence from work.


Because each Monday morning, we (the contractor) will send a project timesheet to our client, with your hours on it.

You (the sub-contractor) will be required to let us (the contractor) know and relay your actual hours when asked, which is a large reason why we have specific WhatsApp groups for each project you work on for us.

The client will be required to verify the hours and countersign if the hours we have claimed for you are correct. You are paid from the information we receive back from this client signed timesheet, not from what you tell us.

If you tell us you have worked 8 hours, and the client says otherwise, we will have to investigate… which may mean that you will not be paid those hours, until we; the contractor can work out who’s lying or not. Simple way to combat this? – USE THE WHATSAPP GROUP TO KEEP US INFORMED.

If they do sign the timesheet and verify the hours, because you have communicated correctly, there will be no delays to your wages come payday on the Friday.

Basically… be honest with your times, tell us what’s going on, and you will be paid on time…



(please make sure that you read all of the following information)

The sub-contractor will be paid on a weekly basis, to aid compliance with current HMRC legislation and CIS regulations, and to safeguard your current working practices, Virtus Access Solutions Ltd will be using Global UK to make payments to CIS sub-contractors. Global will also provide you with adequate insurance cover and whilst contracting for Global UK you will remain a self-employed sub-contractor.

The main advantages of using Global:

1. Whilst contracting through Global’s CIS Service you are processed in accordance with CIS legislation, meaning no nasty surprises at the end of the tax year.

2. The only deduction is £12.50 per processed weekly payment and you will not suffer a deduction if Global UK does not process a payment to you.

3. The deduction is taken at source from your Gross payment before Tax is deducted, meaning that you will receive the Taxable benefit on each processed payment.

4. Global UK will cover you for both Public Liability and Personal Site Accident Insurance cover.

5. Global UK verify your UTR number with HMRC, deduct and pay all construction tax to H M Revenue and Customs.

6. Global UK provide weekly remittance advice slips, free copies of any missing remittance advice slips and Statement of Earnings to aid you in completion of your end of year tax returns.

7. Global UK will text your mobile on the day they release payment informing you of your expected amount and the date monies will be credited to your bank account.

8. Global’s Customer Care Department is always available to deal with any queries and provide further information if required.

What happens next?
To register with Global UK, they require you to sign and date the Registration Form, 1x Contract for Services (the other copy is for your records) and the Insurance Waiver form if applicable.

As sub-contractor you are responsible for registering with Global UK, which unless is done within the first five working days, may well mean that you will not be paid for that first working week, you can register by calling 0843 455 5000.

If you require any assistance with registering with HMRC please contact Global UK.

You will continue to receive payments on a weekly basis or whenever Virtus Access Solutions Ltd have agreed to process your payment, to be paid into your banks – BY THE END OF PLAY ON A FRIDAY.

Global UK contact:

0843 455 5000

(please make sure that you read all of the following information)

Please take the time to read and acknowledge the following statements. Throughout this document – YOU the worker will be referred to as ‘the sub-contractor’ and Virtus Access Solutions Ltd will be referred to as ‘the contractor’.

Any potential bonuses added to the sub-contractor weekly pay will be given or taken away at the discretion of the contractor management, we withhold the right to do so for any reason, at any time.

The sub-contractors CISRS Card or (COTS) card will be checked prior to being given any precise work details, outside of starting rates of pay and hours, rough location and duration of works for the project the sub-contractor have applied for (which will be sent via Text Message, or details obtained via Facebook).

If, however the validity date on the CISRS card expires during representing the contractor, you; the sub-contractor as the card holder will be financially responsible to book, refresh and pay for your own CISRS (or COTS) training.

Pay increases for the sub-contractor hourly rate will not be discussed unless 4 weeks of continuous work is supplied to the contractor, and then only given at the contractor’s discretion.

The contractor can supply PPE, but at a cost to the sub-contractor. As a sub-contractor, you are expected to provide ALL OF YOUR OWN PPE, this includes harnesses, hard hats, etc… with the possible exception of Hi-Vis vests, if required by our (the contractors) client.

You, the sub-contractor has agreed that £20 per day of your inclusive wages/rate are classed ‘Goodwill Bonus’ and this will be deducted in its entirety for that whole week, should any of the following occur;

– If you are caught using your day rate to antagonise other sub-contractors or upset team/gang/squad, morale, and will also be asked to leave site immediately, being released from any future Virtus work.

– If you fail to sign in and out correctly on whatever respective site you are on, this includes the CORRECT start and finish times. It is a legal requirement for you; the sub-contractor to sign in and sign out when working on site on behalf of the contractor.

– If you lie to us, the contractor, about your actual start times, and finish times, causing us to submit false timesheets to our client, and as a result cause them to reject the claimed hours on said timesheets… and if this proved to be malicious on the sub-contractors part to gain unworked hours, will also be asked to leave site immediately, being released from any future Virtus work.

– If you miss a shift without informing us (the contractor) before start of shift BY WHATSAPP MESSAGE – as stated above in your relevant group on the day of your shift.

– If you are caught working unsafe, without a harness / or hard hat etc.

– If you leave our employ as a sub-contractor, without giving us, the contractor at least 5 working days-notice to replace you.

– Charge-Hands will be picked by the contractor or client management only.

– If any contractor tools provided get stolen, broken through neglect or lost, the value of the item will be deducted from the wages equally of the whole team/gang/squad, etc the tools were in the care of.

– The sub-contractor must adhere to current client RAMS and working methods (unless Virtus Access Solutions Ltd/the contractor supply their own documents on behalf of their client – in which case they must adhere to our RAMS), follow instructions and work in a safe and controlled manner at all times.

– The sub-contractor is expected to work in close teams. Trust, friendship and understanding is expected to be built within these teams providing our clients with the very best service. There may be occasion that you will have to work alongside our client’s workers or others working for us; the contractor whom you are not familiar with, as instructed (expected on larger works).

– The sub-contractor is to be paid directly for works carried out by the contractor through a payroll company on behalf of our client.

– No monies can be exchanged between clients and sub-contractors of Virtus Access Solutions Ltd.

– The sub-contractor is expected to work in all weather conditions, but you reserve the right to halt works on site/project at any time should any of the following occur; Serious Health & Safety Concern, High Winds, Severe Snow, Torrential Rainfall, Lightning Storms, Civil Unrest, Fire, Flooding, Extreme Ice, Terrorist Threat, COVID-19 concerns, etc. But… be advised, that your wages could reflect your decision to leave site at any time, so you must make the contractor aware immediately, before your departure. If you do not inform the contractor via WhatsApp before you leave site, it may result in you not being paid fully for that day.

Virtus Access Solutions Ltd is the contractor, and you represent Virtus Access Solutions Ltd as a sub-contractor. Any holiday time taken is the responsibility of yourself the sub-contractor will not be paid for by the contractor.

The sub-contractor is paid weekly on a Friday – BY END OF PLAY/5pm, LATEST. Weeks begin on a Saturday and all payments are made, after tax has been deducted via Bank transfer every Friday. MUST WORK A WEEK IN HAND – NO CASH PAYMENTS WILL BE MADE – NO SUBS WILL BE MADE – NO DIGS PAID FOR UNLESS PRE-AGREED AND IS PART OF THE PROJECT SCHEDULE. Payments will be made by Global UK (please see PAYMENT & PAYROLL INFORMATION).

Virtus Access Solutions Ltd contact:

01255 474 571

(please make sure that you read all of the following information)

Addendum as of May 2020 during COVID-19…

Company statement;
Virtus Access Solutions Ltd take the dangers of COVID-19 seriously, as well as fully understand the impact it has had on our daily lives and can have on day-to-day business.

Virtus operatives (as sub-contractors) working as part of our Scaffolding – Supply, Erect and Dismantle, Scaffolding – Technical Support and Scaffolding Labour – Price Work will be provided with company issue and British standard “anti-COVID” PPE, by way of masks, gloves and anti-bacterial hand gel.

Toolbox talks will be given every month on the dangers of COVID-19, (not included in the weekly TBT’s given as standard) and the correct procedures to adequately protect ourselves from exposure. We will also conduct daily temperature tests before start of works (at 8:00am) to ensure that each of us are not showing any unforeseen signs of contraction, once tests have been conducted and come back negative, all operatives will be expected to social distance whilst carrying out their duties as best as practicably possible.

Scaffolding Labour – Day Work WILL NOT be receiving the above “anti-COVID” PPE, as it is not practical for Virtus Access (the contractor) to police and manage the sub-contractors use of said PPE or adherence of policy whilst working on others projects, as the nature of how Scaffolding Labour – Day Work / Agency work is conducted, which is what the Scaffolding Labour – Day Work essentially is. Under this service, you will be expected to adhere to the client’s rules, regulations, and procedures, and in some cases supply tour own masks, gloves, sanitiser, etc.

However, all sub-contractors will be expected to adhere to the following procedures…

1. during the UK COVID-19 pandemic, and until such time when the return to complete normalcy can occur and has been declared by the UK government at that time, all sub-contractors sent to work by the contractor will be required to social distance and to be as responsible as practicably possible when in close proximity to others, whilst carrying out their work duties and whilst travelling to and from their places of work.

2. any “anti-COVID’ PPE given to the sub-contractors free of charge must be looked after, and used and respected in the manner it was produced for… ONE mask and ONE pair of gloves to be provided each day, with any foreseen misuse of said supplied free PPE to be charged back to the sub-contractor at a cost of £2.50 per mask and 2.50 per pair of gloves, if supplied more than once in any shift.

3. each sub-contractor chooses to attend site and work at their own risk and discretion, they are ultimately responsible their own health and safety, we the contractor will not be held responsible for any sub-contractors who may well contract COVID-19 whilst at work.



If you do happen to contract COVID-19, we the contractor will expect you to self-isolate for 14 days, as per UK government guidelines, and company policy will require another 7 days isolation (21 days in total – ALL UNPAID) for health and safety reasons.

I, the sub-contractor who has completed this profile and generated a Virtus Access Solutions Ltd Starter Form acknowledge and declare that I can fulfil the Sub-Contractor Expectations, I will agree to use the WhatsApp group to communicate with the contractor AND UNDERSTAND THE CONSEQUENCES OF FAILING TO FOLLOW VIRTUS PROCEDURES, I consent to the Sub-Contractor Terms & Conditions, I agree to be paid by Global UK in Payment & Payroll Information, agree with the statements made in the COVID-19 Precautions and Procedures, the Sub-Contractor Health Check is correct, and the information in the Sub-Contractor Profile is correct.