Specialist Scaffolding Services

At Virtus Access Solutions Ltd we pride ourselves on being a company that can offer an unmatched and bespoke service from tender stage, to project pre-planning and from complete scaffolding management to scaffold handover and beyond.

We are a family-run business based in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex. Offering only the best to our clients.

As a company we strive to continuously update and improve our practices, systems and approach, to be able to adapt to the ever-changing landscape and evolution of the scaffolding industry.

We are fully insured and recognised by HMRC as both a contractor and sub-contractor.

What we offer

Our Services

Our experience within the scaffolding industry, coupled with our innovative approach means that we are able to offer four different and diverse service specialisations to our clients…

Scaffolding - Supply & Erect.

Having gathered almost unparalleled knowledge after decades of experience, in all aspects and disciplines within the scaffolding industry, our supply, erect and dismantle packages are some of the very best currently offered within the industry.

Being able to offer bespoke designed scaffolds, to NASC compliant ones.

Scaffolding - Technical Support.

Our technical support service is perhaps the only service of its kind offered within the UK, customised fully for our clients requirements.

The service that many construction project managers have come to rely on. Proven to save time and money for our clients, as well as give them peace of mind that their projects are in safe hands.

Scaffolding Labour - Day Work.

We provide a scaffolding agency service if you require extra labour for your project.

We provide vetted, checked and CISRS (or COTS) qualified scaffolders for competitive and fair hourly rates.

With this service, we do not come to site and the management of the scaffolders is left with our clients.

Scaffolding Labour - Price Work.

A more accomplished version of labour only.

We price the work, and manage all aspects of the project, with a full colour handover report and thorough scaffolding inspection submitted on completion of works.

Whether designed, or NASC compliant, we can cover every and any type of scaffold you require us to facilitate.

Our Portfolio

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Our Clientele

Honesty, Approachability and Respect

Since our inception in 2016, we have been fortunate to be a part of some of the most prestigious and high-profile projects in the UK, as well as working alongside some of the very best scaffolding contractors, facilities management service providers & construction companies in Britain – and we are proud to call all these companies our clients.

Our success is based on an honest and friendly approach, an openness to solve problems and our ability to work with each company the same regardless of scale or stature.

Our clients appreciate the foundations on which Virtus was founded – honesty, approachability & respect.

Health & Safety Standards

A Modern and Adaptable Attitude Towards Safety

We have a modern and innovative approach to safe working practices (SSOW’s) and overall health and safety and as our industry evolves – almost on a weekly basis, as do we.

Being a proud member of The Scaffolding Association – the UK’s biggest scaffolding trade organisation, and having several SSIP accreditation’s to our name, we serious in our safety goals.

This increases the overall safety of the site, the scaffolders, our client and members of the public with any project that we’re a part of.

If you have any specific questions that aren’t answered here – you can send us an enquiry on our contact page here.

Insurance & Assurances


We are fully insured with our scaffolders being able to work up to any height:

Quality Assurance

All of our operatives are either CISRS (or COTS) qualified, with other specialist qualifications besides.

Every system we have in place is there to ensure quality.

Quality of workmanship, quality of aptitude, quality of client care.

Working with Virtus

We are always looking for the best, most experienced and capable scaffolders.
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